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Walmart reduces fresh food waste, improves markdowns with advanced labeling

Walmart is obtaining multiple benefits from changing how fresh food products are barcoded.

The discount titan is leveraging Digimarc Barcode for Fresh Product Labels to automate many aspects of inventory management for packaged fresh food. The solution repeats data across the entire surface of any thermal printed label to help improve operational efficiencies.

As a result, Walmart can more reliably scan fresh product labels. This enables the retailer to automate markdowns, improving throughput and reducing the amount of fresh products that expire before they are sold. In addition, Walmart can now accurately read fresh product labels which are crinkled, smudged, wrapped around edges, or fraudulently altered, cutting product shrinkage and increasing inventory accuracy. This all produces a better customer experience in the fresh product department.

"We are working closely with Digimarc to innovate and apply new technologies that will aim to reduce waste, help improve our overall store operations, and improve customer experience," said John Crecelius, senior VP of central operations at Walmart. "As we apply this new technology to our fresh processes, our goal is to realize new customer benefits while accelerating our commitment to reduce waste."

Walmart is expanding on an existing partnership with Digimarc to improve efficiency and accuracy of checkout.
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