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Walgreens Sued by Pharmacists


Deerfield, Ill., Alleging they were illegally fired, four Walgreens pharmacists have sued the company. The terminations came after the pharmacists refused to sign a pledge promising to dispense the morning-after birth control pill.

A new Illinois law requires that, for emergency birth control, federally approved contraceptives be filled “without delay” if a pharmacy has the medication in stock. The rule is being challenged in federal court.

An attorney for the plaintiffs said in a statement, “It couldn’t be any clearer. In punishing these pharmacists for asserting a right protected by the Conscience Act, Walgreens broke the law.”

However, Walgreens has countered by saying it is upholding the current statute. “We are required to follow the law,” said company spokesman Michael Polzin. “We don’t have a choice in the matter.”

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