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Top four items on retail tech wish list


Self-checkout technology tops the list of items that IT professionals would like to see in use over the next year, according to a poll by CompCom.

“It’s perhaps not surprising to see self-checkout rise to the top in the poll, since paying for purchases is probably the least pleasurable part of the shopping experience, and making the process as quick and easy as possible is increasingly important to retailers," said Tom Alvey, senior VP, retail solutions group at CompuCom.

Respondents to the CompuCom poll were asked, “Which new retail technology would you most like to see in use in the next year?” Here is how their answers broke down:

• Self-checkout technology – 43%

• Interactive/personalized signage and displays – 21%

• Interactive fitting rooms – 19%

• Shopping from new screens – 17%

"As we talk to retail clients about the ‘store of the future,’ customization and speed emerge as key themes," added Alvey. "And self-checkout equipment emerged as an important enabling technology – along with technologies such as mobile payments, digital coupons and signage, self-service kiosks and more – which aligns with these poll results."
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