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Timesly releases iPad time clock app


Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. - Timesly, a facial detection time clock app for iPad, has launched, allowing employees to clock in or out of work by snapping their photo using Timesly’s FaceCheck technology. Now available for download via the App Store, FaceCheck uses the iPad’s camera to detect and hone in on the user, adding their picture to a log of every photo ever captured of that person.

FaceCheck will soon include true facial recognition technology, at no additional cost.

“The time clock is an antiquated piece of equipment, and we knew we could do better,” said Timesly president and founder Marc Aptakin. “We wanted something that looked sleek, with updated technology to make employee time management more efficient. Timesly has transformed the traditional time clock into something remarkable. Facial detection personally connect with employees. We’re proud to provide a solution that’s much more than a time clock and acts as a valued member of your human resources staff.”

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