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Temkin study: Hannaford, Publix easiest companies to work with


Waban, Mass. -- Supermarket companies Hannaford and Publix took the top spots in the 2015 Temkin Effort Ratings, which rates how easy or difficult companies are to work with. The ratings examine 293 companies across 20 industries.

Aldi, Lowe's, credit unions, PetSmart, Trader Joe's,, Bed Bath & Beyond, Advance Auto Parts, and Walgreens fill out the top 10 spots. Overall. supermarkets, fast-food chains, and retailers earned average scores of "excellent," while TV service providers, Internet service providers, and health planes earned average ratings of "poor."

"Customers avoid companies that are difficult to work with, both consciously and unconsciously, as they often seek to follow the easiest paths," stated Bruce Temkin, managing partner of Temkin Group.

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