Target will roll out RFID


Minneapolis – Target Corp. plans to roll out RFID-enabled “smart labels” later this year to aid inventory accuracy and improve in-store stock levels. In a corporate blog post, Keri Jones, executive VP, global supply chain and operations of Target, said the retailer is working with “key vendors” on a “fast paced timeline” to deploy RFID.

By obtaining greater inventory visibility through the real-time tracking capabilities of RFID, Target intends to better inform customers of what stores specific items are available at. Target also plans to leverage this insight into its inventory to better fulfill online orders placed for in-store pickup, which represent 15% of purchases.

Target will begin its RFID tagging program in a small number of stores toward the end of 2015, with plans to use RFID tags in all stores in 2016. The program will include key categories like women’s, baby and kids’ apparel and home décor.

As part of its RFID efforts, Target is sponsoring the RFID Lab at Auburn University, which opens its new facility on May 20, and will support research into additional ways RFID tags can be used in the shopping experience.

“My team and I are thrilled about technology’s considerable role in upping Target’s operations, and in particular, bringing near-complete store inventory accuracy within reach for the first time with RFID,” Jones said in the post. “Because at the end of the day, the technology we use to manage the supply chain helps ensure our guests find what they’re looking for.”