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Survey: Target, Best Buy, Walmart excel in mobile experience


Worthington, Ohio -- Three high-profile big-box retailers received high marks for their mobile experiences, according to a survey by Prosper Insights & Analytics. In fact, among mobile users, 28.9% have used their mobile devices to shop at Walmart, 27.7% at Target, and 22% at Best Buy.

All three receive positive reviews regarding mobile shopping experience. 83.4% of mobile users who have shopped Target’s mobile site rate their overall experience as either good or excellent. 71.9% of those who’ve shopped Walmart and 69.2% of Best Buy mobile shoppers say the same.

However, the analysis went a step further to apply the Net Promoter Score (to see if mobile shoppers were likely to recommend the respective sites to a friend or colleague) and thereby evaluate the strength of the retailer’s mobile site image as well as loyalty to that particular site, Target is the only mobile site to receive a positive score (NPS = 11.3%).

Both Best Buy and Walmart have negatives scores of -1% and -19.8%, respectively.

“These findings suggest that a satisfactory mobile experience in itself doesn’t necessarily lead to retailer advocacy,” said Pam Goodfellow, analyst for Prosper Insights & Analytics. “As mobile continues to grow, omni-channel retailers are increasingly challenged with converting their ‘shoppers’ into ‘buyers’ – and winning a repeat visit. Delightful experiences, consistent messaging, and excellent service delivered through all channels are paramount when building this sought-after, loyal customer base.”

The survey included 341 smartphone and tablet users.

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