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Survey: Subway, Google and Target tops in ‘social currency’


New York -- Subway, Google, and Target, took the top three spots in “Social Currency Impact Study 2013” from global consulting firm Vivaldi Partners.

Vivaldi defines social currency as the degree to which people involve brands in their social media activities. More than 5,000 people in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany were surveyed regarding their perceptions of how well brands enable six social behaviors or dimensions: utility, information, conversation, advocacy, affiliation and identity. Brand performance or impact was measured on three levels of conversion: awareness to consideration, consideration to purchase/use, and purchase/use to loyalty. Some 60 brands were reviewed in the study.

Here are the top 10 brands in terms of social currency:

  1. Subway

  2. Google

  3. Target

  4. Heinken

  5. Verizon and Dunkin’ Donuts (tie)

  6. The Home Depot

  7. Amazon

  8. Microsoft Corp.

  9. Walmart

  10. Budweiser

Click here for the full report.

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