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Survey: Mail carriers and neighbors most forgotten at holidays


Portland, Maine -- CashStar found in its latest survey that nearly 56 million adult online Americans are likely to forget to buy a gift for their mail carriers and nearly 44 million are likely to forget to buy a gift for their neighbors.

The survey, conducted online nationwide by Harris Interactive on behalf of CashStar, examined when online American adults remember to buy gifts and who they end up forgetting.

Despite the rushes reported around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the survey also revealed that a quarter of online Americans only remember to buy a gift in the days leading up to an event, with nearly 10 million remembering on the day of the occasion.

“These results reflect how hectic our schedules are, especially during the holidays. Despite our best intentions, we forget important people. Fortunately, technology is again helping to make our lives easier, now in the form of eGift Cards, which can be delivered in an instant from any computer, tablet or smartphone,” said David Stone, co-founder and CEO of CashStar.

Other trends uncovered in the survey include:

• Men were twice as likely to forget a gift until the day of an event compared to women.

• Eight million online adult Americans admitted to forgetting a holiday gift for their parents.

• When it comes to gifting, 36 million online Americans confessed to forgetting their bosses, while only 26 million bosses forgot their employees.

• Nearly 20 million online Americans said that they forgot the babysitter and nearly 26 million forgot their child’s teacher.

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