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Survey: Distribution centers pick up the pace


Retailers are keeping up with omnichannel consumer demand behind the scenes.

According to a new survey of distribution center operators from Honeywell and YouGov, nearly nine in 10 distribution center operators expect to adopt new mobile devices and voice-direction technology in the next five years to meet omnichannel consumer expectations of faster, more accurate delivery.

With distribution centers losing on average more than $400,000 every year on picking errors, they are looking for a technology edge to improve accuracy and reduce costs. An individual mispick in the U.S. costs a retailer $67.

Technologies being considered for distribution centers include mobile computers, printers and scanners featuring more reliable data capture technology, as well as equipping workers with wireless headsets that provide voice direction to improve accuracy and speed.

Nearly two-thirds of distribution centers currently support omnichannel distribution, meaning they have the data capture and asset tracking systems required to fulfill orders both from retailers and from consumers purchasing online.

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