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Survey: Apple Pay shines in customer satisfaction


Apple Pay is significantly outdoing other contactless payment methods in at least one important area. According to the latest Contactless Payment Index results from eDigitalResearch, 51% of Apple Pay users are extremely satisfied, compared to 32% of contactless card users who said the same

In addition, 40% of shoppers who have an Apple device have used Apple Pay to pay for goods or services, and 20% believe using Apple Pay could encourage them to spend more. Another 15% of respondents feel that the introduction of Apple Pay will increase the amount of contactless payments that they make.

Two findings suggest there is still work to be done in supporting the growth of Apple Pay. Of all the 2,000 consumers surveyed, three quarters (75%) have not seen any Apple Pay points or symbols before, indicating that awareness is still low. Also, almost half (46%) of respondents said they do not understand how Apple Pay works.

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