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Suit alleges Tiffany discrimination


New York – A group director for two Tiffany & Co. stores in Houston has filed a lawsuit alleging the retailer discriminates against African-Americans in hiring and promotions for management and executive-level jobs. A complaint filed by Michael McClure in federal court in New York on May 29 says that McClure is the only African-American holding one of 200 U.S. management-level positions at Tiffany, and that there are no African-American executives in the company.

McClure’s suit also claims that he unfairly received an unfair performance review and warning, and that he received an unsigned letter stating Anthony Ledru, Tiffany senior VP North America, had told other Tiffany employees he was surprised to see a black man representing the Tiffany brand. Media reports indicate Tiffany is denying all of McClure’s allegations.

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