Study: One-third of retail employees receive no training

Retailers talk a good talk when it comes to training employees, but a new study suggests not all of them walk the walk.

Thirty-two percent of retail employees say they do not receive any formal training, which is higher than any other industry surveyed, according to a report by Axonify.

In other findings, 45% of retail employees receive training via online or a mix of classroom and online training, and 11% receive only classroom training.

This year’s study validates the need to shift away from lengthy, ‘one and done’ training events, according to Axonify, finding that more employees place an emphasis on training that is engaging and fun (90% versus 85% in the previous study). Also, 80% of workers report it’s important to receive regular, frequent training so they don’t forget the information, up from 73% in the previous year’s study.

“Training should not be a dull, isolated event, as employees loathe sitting in long, boring sessions and immediately tune out,” said Carol Leaman, CEO, Axonify. “Recent advancements in brain science demonstrate that by providing employees with continuous, enjoyable opportunities to learn, information retention improves, positioning the business for greater success. And, when learning incorporates gamified elements, participation soars.”

While Axonify’s second annual State of Workplace Training also revealed several generational disparities, the commonalities outweigh the differences: People want training anytime, anywhere. They want it to be short, and they want to be rewarded for doing it.

Most survey respondents (92%) say that the right kind of formal workplace training impacts their job engagement positively.

• More than two-thirds (67%) of employees think it’s important to receive anytime, anywhere training, up from 64% in 2016.

• Millennials place higher importance on short training sessions (74%), versus Generation X (69%) and Baby Boomers (58%).

• Although workplace training is proved to increase job effectiveness and training, 30% of employees say their training is not extremely/very effective because it’s boring and does not engage them.