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Study: Mobile shopping on the rise


Arlington, Va. -- A new study released by the Consumer Electronics Association found that more consumers are using their mobile devices for online transactions.

The "Mobile Commerce -- Reinventing the Way Consumers Shop" study found that 37% of mobile device owners are engaging in some form of commerce from their device. This could mean making a purchase, redeeming a coupon or gift card or searching for a coupon.

About 35% of all online transactions are completed via smartphone, tablet or cell phone, with electronics, clothing/footwear, books and music being the categories most often shopped. About 32% of mobile shoppers purchased an electronics product, the survey found.

"The future of mobile commerce is very promising," said Jessica Boothe, strategic research manager, CEA. "Consumers are open to new technologies as they continue to evolve and develop.

The mobile purchasing rate is expected to continue to grow, with consumers expected to spend, on the average, $575 on mobile purchases in the next 12 months. These people will also increase their couponing during that period.

On the flip side are those people who have either not made a mobile purchase or are hesitant to do so. About 35% had security concerns with mobile purchases, and half simply preferred shopping in another manner.

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