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Starbucks CEO takes a stand in presidential race


If any retail CEO is going to endorse a candidate in this year’s presidential race, Howard Schultz would certainly rank at the top of the list.

In an interview with CNN on Wednesday, the Starbucks chief executive endorsed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for president. Schlutz is one of the retail industry’s most politically outspoken chief executives and the endorsement is in keeping with his political leanings — he had described himself as a life-long Democrat. It also comes as the chain has is increasingly speaking out on social and political issues.

“I think it's obvious that Hillary Clinton needs to be the next president," Schultz said in an interview with Poppy Harlow at CNN Money's American Opportunity breakfast. "On the other side, we've seen such vitriolic display of bigotry and hate and divisiveness, and that is not the leadership we need for the future of the country."
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