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St. Michael Strategies Announces Appointments of Two Executives


St. Michael Strategies announced today that the company has promoted two executives to newly created positions within the company. David Di Cristo has been promoted as executive VP, COO, and Robert Caron has been promoted as director of finance and administration.

The two appointments mark an important strategic step by the company to better service a growing international client base of large chain retailers. With these two new executives in place, Michael Bunyar, president of St. Michael Strategies, has strategically put together a dynamic team to lead the industry’s pioneer traffic counting premier provider and industry leader.

Di Cristo has been with SMS for five years during which time he has worked as director of service, director of technology and communications, and, until recently, as general manager. Caron joined the company over a year ago and has brought a higher level of corporate structure to sales, customer relations, accounting, buying, and production functions.

Di Cristo has an extensive communication and technology expertise and has demonstrated a great capacity for team building. He is well known by SMS customers as a solution provider, especially in technically challenging situations, e.g., the delivery of traffic data from multiple countries and platforms to a central facility.

Caron is a renaissance man who has been a teacher, an entrepreneur, a book writer and publisher, and a consultant.

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