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Schnuck class-action notification underway


St. Louis -- A settlement in a Schnuck Markets, Inc., security breach class-action lawsuit has been reached and a notification program is underway, as approved by the Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis, State of Missouri.

Customers of 79 Schnuck grocery stores are being alerted that the breach, which occurred between December 9, 2012 and March 30, 2013, has been settled and that they may be entitled to a share of the proceeds.

On March 30, 2013, Schnucks announced that its computer systems had been compromised; the incident involved the insertion of malicious computer code that targeted data in the magnetic stripe of credit and debit cards swiped at 79 Schnucks stores.

The lawsuit claims that Schnucks was responsible for the security incident because Schnucks did not take appropriate care to protect its payment card systems from hacking. Schnucks denies all of the claims and says it did not do anything wrong.

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