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SAS, Winn-Dixie enter partnership


New York City -- SAS on Monday announced a 5-year agreement with Winn-Dixie Stores around the company’s marketing and merchandising analytics offering.

“We chose SAS because of their strong commitment to retail and analytical excellence,” stated Maura Hart, Winn-Dixie’s CIO. “This partnership will enhance our customers’ shopping experience with the implementation of SAS’ technology and resources to provide improvements in pricing, assortment and category management.”

“Many grocers have mountains of data, but they lack the time and resources to gain meaningful intelligence from it,” noted Diana McHenry, global retail product marketing, SAS. “SAS is building a bridge so grocers can reap the rewards of advanced analytics just like other segments of the retail industry. … This will help grocers predict buying behavior and identify customers who are at risk of rolling their shopping cart to the competition.”

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