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Saks launches new Facebook page for job applicants


New York -- Saks Fifth Avenue has launched a talent acquisition page on Facebook. The new “Careers at Saks” Facebook page will allow prospective job applicants to interact directly with Saks Fifth Avenue’s talent acquisition team, search available positions and keep up with Saks Fifth Avenue. The Facebook newsfeed will include “Jobs of the Day,” career and interview tips, and other pertinent updates weekly.

Saks Fifth Avenue’s internal brand ambassadors will speak on behalf of Saks Fifth Avenue as an employer. Brand ambassadors will come from all areas within Saks Fifth Avenue, from sales associates to information technology staff to the creative and marketing team. The areas from which brand ambassadors are chosen will change regularly, so visitors to the “Careers at Saks” Facebook page will receive a multifaceted overview of the corporation over time.

“Saks Fifth Avenue looks forward to hearing stories from prospective applicants and utilizing those stories to share the Saks’ employment experience and attract top talent,” said Christine Morena, executive VP human resources for Saks. The applicant commentary and real-time responses will add an additional layer of authenticity, a key component of social media.

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