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Rue La La launches shoppable video series


Boston – Rue La La is launching a shoppable "Sunday Supper" chef video series where products used by the chefs in the videos to prepare a dish will be available for sale on the site. Celebrity chefs featured in the videos will include Sam Talbot of Top Chef: Season 2 on July 14, followed by Top Chef: Season 3 winner Hung Huynh and Food Network's Chopped judge Amanda Freitag in future episodes. Each video will be accompanied by an online boutique featuring the kitchen and cookware used in the video, recipes and giveaways.

"The celebrity chef curated Sunday Supper series is revolutionizing the cooking and shopping experience by offering access to the tools and tips all in one place," said Michael Mosca, executive VP, living with Rue La La. "Through these boutiques, members are able to watch the chefs create the recipe from start to finish and then immediately have access to the elements needed to bring it to life, making anyone a star chef in their own kitchens.”

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