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Retail Social Juice Index adds 70 brands


Albany, N.Y. -- Social media marketing agency Media Logic said Tuesday that 70 new brands have been added to its Retail Social Juice Index, bringing the total number of tracked brands to nearly 700.

The additions, including eBay, DKNY and Zappos, creates a more comprehensive industry index and provide users with a broader competitive set for comparison, according to Media Logic.

The Retail Social Juice Index measures social engagement of brands across Facebook and Twitter. Media Logic assigns a weighted value to individual interactions based on a proprietary formula, and then distills the data into a single useful number, providing daily measurement of the effectiveness of the measured brands’ social promotion efforts.

“Retailers are using the Retail Social Juice Index to uncover, adopt and apply Facebook and Twitter best practices,” said Ron Ladouceur, Media Logic executive VP and creator of the Index. “But the Index is more than a simple tactical guidepost for retailers. By analyzing interaction among brands that consistently score in the 150-point range or higher, users of the Index gain insights that go much deeper; brands can gain insight into psychographics that drive social marketing and business models that appeal to social audiences.”

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