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Report: U.S., global customer satisfaction improves


San Francisco - Customer satisfaction is on the rise globally after more than a year in decline, with the average global customer satisfaction rating reaching 81% in the second quarter of this year. According to the new quarterly Zendesk Benchmark report, this about a 4% increase from an average rating of 78% in the previous quarter and the highest average rating since the first quarter of last year.

Customer satisfaction in the U.S. improved to 82%, about a 2.5% improvement from 80% the prior quarter. However, the U.S. still was not on the list of the 10 countries with the highest customer satisfaction scores. New Zealand was number one overall with an average rating of 92%, down slightly from 93% in the previous quarter.

Canada placed second with an average rating of 91%, up close to 5% from 87% in the first quarter of the year. United Arab Emirates ranked last of 125 countries included in the report, although this was a roughly 9% improvement from 53% the previous quarter.

In addition, during the past year, the percentage of customers accessing self-service content from their mobile devices has grown 50%. It reached 26% for second quarter 2013, compared to 17% in the same period a year earlier. The Zendesk Benchmark is based on actual customer service and support interactions between 16,000 participating companies and their customers across 125 countries.

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