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Report: Consumers creeped out by POS prompts


Dallas – A majority of consumers find point-of-sale (POS) prompts, such as discount alerts on their mobile devices an invasion of their privacy. According to a recent website poll from CompuCom, respondents were asked, “Do you find point-of-sale technology prompts, such as a customized alert for discounts upon entering a store”: 63% said it is Big Brother-ish/intrusive while 37% said it is helpful and cool.

The poll collected 307 responses from IT professionals across multiple industries from Nov. 16, 2013 through Dec. 17, 2013.

“Consumers need to remember that they are in control when it comes to POS technology and that it can be a benefit, not a nuisance, if they know how to use it and decide to what extent they’ll ‘let it in,’” said John Little, VP and general manager of retail sales, service sales management, CompuCom. “For retailers, there are smart ways to take advantage of the technology, by striking a balance and not overburdening consumers, respecting their preferences and letting them opt in to alerts. As security issues around POS are addressed, retailers and consumers will continue to adopt the technology in greater numbers and with greater levels of comfort.”

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