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Report: The best jobs in retail

Changing shopping patterns are creating new opportunities in retail employment.

The proliferation of online shopping has made the position of online sales manager one of the top jobs in terms of salary growth potential, according to's 2017 Jobs Rated report.

The shift also presents job opportunities in retail for other careers that might not be immediately associated with the industry. For example, multimedia Artists are sought for presenting products online in such a way as to make them appealing to shoppers.

Social media managers are also in high demand in retail. And data scientist is one of the best jobs overall according to the 2017 Jobs Rated report, in part because of its versatility. Retail is a prime example of the many industries that now use data science to improve their practices.

CareerCast's Best Jobs in Retail:

ProfessionAnnual Median SalaryGrowth 
Data Scientist$111,27016%
Social Media Manager$95,45011%
Multimedia Artist$65,30010%
Online Sales Manager$117,9607%
Sales Rep. (Wholesale)$60,5306%
Market Research$62,56023%

Salary and growth outlook information are compiled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics with growth outlook through 2028.
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