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Report: 66% of retail employers are strengthening employment brand


Chicago According to a report released July 15 by CareerBuilder, retail employers have begun preparing for an economic rebound.

In fact, 66% of retail employers that have employment brands say they are taking measures to strengthen those employment brands today, so they are competitively positioned for an upturn down the road.

The survey also found that employers are working to remedy the fallout of a grueling economy; in addition to layoffs, CareerBuilder found that 48% of retail employers have cut certain benefits or perks at their organizations in 2009. Bonuses, medical coverage and 401K-matching topped the list of areas most affected.

Of those retail companies that have had layoffs, 19% said it had adversely impacted their employment brand. As a result, a greater emphasis is being placed on internal and external communications to improve employment brands. Forty-three percent of retail employers with employment brands are communicating more frequently with employees about company successes, and 26% are promoting company successes and awards through press releases.

Retail employers are also revising recruitment messaging and investing more in promoting career advancement, flexibility and a work culture that values employees:

  • 29% are outlining potential career paths for current and future employees;
  • 40% are offering more employee recognition programs;
  • 13% are offering more flexible work schedules;
  • 19% are revising job listings to emphasize a positive work culture;
  • 19% are revising recruitment materials; and
  • 16% are revamping their company career sites.

Other measures are also being taken to prepare for when the economy turns around. Thirty percent are planning a new marketing strategy; 11% are ramping up training programs; 20% are working on a new product line or enhancing existing products; and 11% are implementing a new succession plan.

The survey was conducted online by Harris Interactive for CareerBuilder among 2,543 hiring managers and human-resource professionals from Feb. 20 to March 11.

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