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Regis selects PeopleAnswers’ pre-employment selection software


Dallas -- PeopleAnswers and Regis Corp. have announced a software licensing agreement for Regis to use PeopleAnswers as its new talent assessment software for selecting and hiring salon stylists and managers. The expected results are decreased turnover, increased customer visits and sales as well as lower operating costs.

Regis will use PeopleAnswers to assess and hire stylists in 3,000 corporate-owned salons at the outset, management in more than 7,900 of its corporate-owned salons across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom, as well as all field supervision. PeopleAnswers will identify “Behavioral DNA” of existing staff allowing Regis to duplicate traits of its most successful employees. Customized, behaviorally based Performance Profiles will help match job candidates with the positions in each Regis salon type best corresponding with prospects’ existing traits and tendencies.

“In order to provide the best experience possible, not only for clients but also for our associates in the salons, we must be vigilant about finding candidates who are best-suited to our business and our culture,” said Andy Cohen, president, Regis Salon Division, Regis Corp. “PeopleAnswers will help us streamline the hiring process and, most importantly, help us identify candidates who will be the best fit in their respective roles which, in turn, will allow us to leverage and accelerate our other initiatives focusing on the salon experience.”

PeopleAnswers is an easy-to-use web-based tool with the scale to evaluate candidates as needed, 24/7, and track candidates’ progress through the application and hiring process establishing a consistent hiring platform across Regis salons. Regis managers will also use PeopleAnswers as a guide for interview content and for employee development.

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