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Regional chain enters same-day delivery arena


Same-day delivery is a growing phenomenon, but so far has been the province of major national retailers.

Renton, Washington-based McLendon Hardware, which operates seven stores in Washington, is making a big move to same-day delivery for big items.

McLendon is partnering with Seattle-based on-demand shared transport provider Fleetzen to provide same-day delivery for oversized goods such as water heaters, patio furniture and lumber. The service is aimed at consumers who would ordinarily visit the store to buy these items, but cannot fit them in their vehicles.

Fleetzen will provide McLendon customers same-day delivery within a 10-mile radius for $59. All items are fully insured and the service includes both a driver and a helper. The service is virtually seamless; after going through checkout, the customer goes a few feet over to the service desk where a McLendon Hardware representative schedules a delivery later that day for any item purchased by 7 p.m.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Fleetzen and offering our customers a superior experience,” said Gail McLendon, president of McLendon Hardware. “Transporting an oversized item such as a barbecue grill or patio furniture that can’t fit into a car is a common source of customer distress that we are happy to address and solve. We expect this to be a win/win/win situation – greater convenience for our existing customers, a higher likelihood that current customers will buy an oversized item, and the addition of new customers intrigued by this important new service.”

The new same day delivery service will start at McLendon Hardware’s Renton store the second weekend of October with plans to expand to all seven stores by the end of the month.

This development illustrates the growing normalcy of both same-day delivery and shared transport services, such as Uber and Amazon Flex, in retail. When even regional chains are looking to provide same-day delivery, based on product size more than meeting the needs of online consumers, the concept has firmly taken root.

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