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Paragon Software introduces home delivery system in U.S.


Dallas – Paragon Software Systems Inc., a provider of vehicle routing and scheduling optimization solutions, is introducing Paragon HDS (Home Delivery System) to the U.S. market. Paragon HDS is designed to enable home delivery and home service companies to offer more accurate delivery times while improving fleet efficiency.

The software allows companies to integrate multichannel ordering and delivery booking with real-time route scheduling. It runs continually and routes orders while they are being placed, optimizing efficiency and providing narrow time slots for delivery.

“In today's market, customers increasingly expect reliable, low cost delivery as part of the sale,” said William Salter, CEO and president, Paragon Software Systems. “Unfortunately, consumers can be let down by inadequate home delivery services that are either inconvenient, too costly, or result in late or missed deliveries. By using Paragon HDS, logistics departments will be able to work more closely with customer services departments to provide service improvements that will help build brand loyalty, as well as win new business, while reducing costly delivery failures. The improvements in customer service are balanced with the company's home delivery resources, with the software continuously optimizing the home delivery routes as new orders are placed.”

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