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Online giant embarks on holiday hiring spree

Amazon is getting ready for the upcoming holiday rush.

The online giant will add 120,000 seasonal workers to ensure it can service shoppers during the holiday shopping season. This is the same amount as last year. New hires will fill positions across Amazon’s network of fulfillment centers, sortation centers and customer service sites operating across 33 states.

Among the roles that seasonal hires will fill include helping to pick, pack and ship customers’ holiday orders. They will work alongside more than 125,000 full-time employees who already fulfill these roles at more than 75 Amazon fulfillment centers across the country.

Last year, thousands of holiday workers transitioned into regular, full-time roles after the holidays, and Amazon expects to continue that trend this year.

“We prepare year round for the holidays and we’re excited to hire for over 120,000 positions this season to help delight our customers,” said Dave Clark, Amazon senior VP of global customer fulfillment. “We look forward to welcoming back holiday employees who return year-after-year to Amazon and welcome new faces to the team, many of whom will continue on with regular, full-time roles with the company after the holidays.”

Other retailers’ holiday hiring plans are also underway. Target announced it will hire approximately 100,000 employees for the upcoming holiday season, an increase of approximately 40%.

Macy’s will hire 80,000 holiday workers. However, this is a decrease from 83,000 last year.

Meanwhile, Walmart is once again bucking the holiday hiring trend. For the second year in a row, the discount giant plans to offer extra hours to its current associates. They will be trained for roles like cashier and stocker, and newly-created technology-empowered positions, such as personal shoppers and Pickup associates.

Kohl’s announced a similar strategy. The company plans to give additional hours to its current workforce — a group that it has been ramping up all year. While the company also plans to hire “some seasonal staff,” it is not revealing the specific number.

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