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NRF calls for comprehensive immigration reform


Washington, D.C. - The National Retail Federation (NRF) supports immigration reform, but does not think President Obama’s executive action on immigration regulations is the right approach.

The NRF has issued a statement from president and CEO Matthew Shay on the announcement that President Obama will issue a series of executive actions on immigration:

“The nation’s retailers support common-sense and comprehensive immigration reform that addresses the needs of employers and employees, and is flexible enough to enforce and implement,” Shay said in the statement. “We believe the current immigration system is broken and in serious need of reform.

“While it is regrettable the president felt it necessary to issue this executive order in an effort to alleviate the problem, we are disappointed that the administration and Congress could not work together toward a more comprehensive solution,” Shay continued.

“This executive action only provides a temporary and incomplete fix to the immigration problem and may jeopardize the chance to achieve a more complete and permanent resolution.”
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