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NPD: U.S. Hispanics more likely to purchase groceries at c-stores


Houston -- U.S. Hispanics are more likely to purchase grocery foods, dairy, and bread from convenience stores (c-stores) than non-Hispanics, reports the NPD Group, leading global information company. Spanish-dominant Hispanics are more likely to make grocery item purchases at c-stores than other Hispanics, according to the NPD report entitled The C-Store Hispanic Shopper, which examines the typical convenience store shopping behavior of Hispanics by level of acculturation and how it compares to non-Hispanics.

On average, U.S. Hispanics make almost two more visits a month than non-Hispanics to major oil chain convenience stores, and nearly one more visit over a 30-day period to traditional c-stores than non-Hispanics, finds NPD’s convenience store research. For some Hispanics, c-stores supplement or substitute grocery stores.

“As one of the fastest growing U.S. population groups, Hispanics are an important segment for the c-store channel,” said David Portalatin, NPD’s c-store industry analyst. “As this report reveals, having a good range of grocery like items and other staples may increase Hispanic traffic, and promoting fresh foods considered to be more homemade or cooked should resonate well among Hispanics.”

In addition to groceries, over two thirds of Hispanics consider having fresh food available at c-stores to be very/somewhat important. Fresh foods are more likely to be purchased by Hispanics for lunch or breakfast and hot foods are preferred, finds NPD. Sandwiches/wraps are least likely to be purchased by Hispanics.

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