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Nordstrom Lays Off 30 Workers


Honolulu About 30 employees have been laid off from jobs at Honolulu's new Nordstrom store, according to the Honolulu Star Bulletin.

Nordstrom spokeswoman Brooke White said the move was due to softening sales.

"We had 600 and since opening we've lost about 100 and of that, 70 voluntarily left us or we let go due to poor performance," White told the publication.

The company then laid off 30 people due to market conditions, she said.

Just last month the company announced a 3.8% sales decrease for the month.

Hawaii's first full-service Nordstrom store took an additional punch from the bankruptcies of Aloha and ATA airlines, which ceased flight operations at the beginning of April, the report said.

The Honolulu store had "an unbelievable opening and an unbelievable March, but virtually right after the airlines went bankrupt, we saw a real softening in our business in Honolulu,” White said.

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