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Nordstrom and OfficeMax top list of retailers that keep employees happiest


New York -- For the second year in a row, Nordstrom topped the list of retail companies that keep their employees happiest, followed by Macy’s and OfficeMax, according to an annual survey by CareerBliss. The ranking takes into account employee reviews of their employer based on work-life balance, senior management compensation, benefits and job security.

“Happy retail employees tend to provide a happier customer experience and also help influence their fellow co-workers,” said Matt Miller, CTO and co-founder of CareerBliss. “Amongst the top ten retailers, we saw that employees ranked their co-workers as a large factor on their overall happiness at work.”

The Top 10 companies on CareerBliss' Happiest Retailers in America 2012 are:

1. Nordstrom

2. Macy's

3. OfficeMax

4. Best Buy

5. GameStop

6. Bath & Body Works

7. Office Depot

8. Dillard's

9. Kohl's

10. Sears

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