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More workers taking Wal-Mart health insurance


Little Rock, Ark. More Wal-Mart workers are enrolled in the retail giant's health insurance plan in 2010 than last year, but the share of its employees who are insured at all has declined, according to the Associated Press.

Wal-Mart, the world's largest private employer with more than 2 million workers, said 54% of its employees now have coverage, which reaches about 1.2 million people, including family members. The figure is up from 52% last fall, according to data provided to The Associated Press by the company.

The number of Wal-Mart employees with health coverage -- provided by either Wal-Mart or another source -- dropped from 94% last year to 87%.

Wal-Mart said 43,000 of its workers receive health coverage through a state assistance program, up from 36,000 last year.

Union-backed groups have criticized Wal-Mart for the number of workers that receive health assistance from public programs and for not enrolling more workers in its own plan. The company has made a number of changes over the years, including making improvements to its health coverage.

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