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Moosejaw teams with Linea-pro to enhance customer service


Arlington Heights, Ill. -- Outdoor gear and apparel retailer Moosejaw said Tuesday that it has adopted the Linea-pro from Infinite Peripherals, in conjunction with Apple iPod touch 4th generation devices, to perform customer checkout from anywhere in its stores.

Adding a 1D or 2D barcode scanner and magnetic stripe reader to an iPhone or iPod touch, the Linēa-pro, along with software applications like the Crossview point of sale system that Moosejaw uses, creates a mobile, handheld POS device that leads to faster transactions, greater customer interaction, higher conversion and more floor space.

“The Linēa-pro has allowed us to increase the speed of our customer service without additional staff or bulky POS machines, and the staff and customers love the experience,” said Eoin Comerford, senior VP marketing and technology for Moosejaw.

“It has really helped us to engage directly with our customers on the sales floor, as well as show them alternative products from our online store,” added Comerford.

Working with a mobile POS application, the Linēa-pro also can conduct inventory operations and corporate communications, as well as access the Internet and Intranet. Such POS applications can accept customer signatures, and purchase receipts can be wirelessly printed or e-mailed.

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