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Mitchells aids customer engagement with ThoughtWorks


Westport, Conn. – Luxury retailer Mitchells Family of Stores has selected ThoughtWorks to create the next generation of customer engagement experiences. ThoughtWorks delivered a customized technology platform that enables digital collaboration and interaction between the sales associates and their customers.

Mitchells’ sales associates can now curate individual product recommendations with personalized communications for their customers, increasing overall store traffic. This online platform leverages key product attributes (i.e. price, designer, size, etc.) and shopper history to give customers exactly what they want.

ThoughtWorks also designed product prototypes for Mitchells executives to review on a weekly basis — allowing them to make real-time strategic decisions based on changing business needs and direction. Mitchells plans to continue its collaboration with ThoughtWorks to enhance the customer experience.

"ThoughtWorks is helping us to re-imagine the customer experience in a high-touch, curated environment, through the use of technology,” said Russ Mitchell, co-president of Mitchells. “I am astonished that in eight weeks we had a functioning product adding value to our business."

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