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Midwest grocer expands in-store checkout options

Value Center Market is providing shoppers at select stores with a new, streamlined way to complete purchases.

Value Center, which operates four stores in southeastern Michigan, is deploying self-checkout units from Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions in two locations. Each store features six self-checkout stations, which serve as express lanes.

According to the grocer, the self-checkout terminals provide customers with more control and privacy at the point-of-purchase while also reducing checkout times. As a result, revenues and operation efficiency have improved at the stores where self-checkout has been implemented. Since rollout in September 2018, Value Center says Toshiba’s self-service solutions already account for a significant portion of transactions in those stores.

“Before integrating Toshiba’s self-service technology, we had a single express line, to expedite purchases, which accommodated three or four customers at any one time,” said Value Center owner Ron Farida. “With six Toshiba self-service systems, customers now complete their grocery purchase very quickly.”

Toshiba business partner Great Lakes Data Systems facilitated the agreement and technology integration.
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