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Manhattan Associates launches ‘Available to Commerce’ capability


Atlanta - Manhattan Associates Inc. is releasing a new capability within its omnichannel Order Management application. Known as Available to Commerce (ATC), this capability gives retailers the power to offer specific units of inventory available for sale in the most appropriate channel (online, store, same-day delivery, etc.) and then optimize how the order is fulfilled, all based on a variety of strategic planning and daily operational variables.

For example, a fashion retailer can now set a rule to delay offering inventory available for sale online that is selling well at full price in certain stores. Alternatively, slower moving styles or distressed units in stores can be actively directed to other channels to prevent markdowns later in the season. Retailers could also redirect fulfillment for their e-commerce channel to store locations that are projected to have excess labor capacity.

ATC takes into account all inventory transactions, synthesizes them with configured business rules, and produces an effective availability picture of all inventory in real-time. ATC can ensure that profitability and ability to execute are considered before the fulfillment promise is made to the customer.

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