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Lighting Science Group upgrading Villa stores with LEDs


Satellite Beach, Fla. -- Lighting Science Group is performing an LED lighting upgrade for Villa, the Philadelphia-based urban-inspired apparel and footwear retailer. Villa estimates the lighting upgrade will pay for itself in one to two years, with energy and maintenance savings continuing to shave costs from its bottom line going forward.

The project kicked off at Villa’s store in Toledo, Ohio, where Lighting Science replaced traditional 75-watt PAR halogen bulbs with its 15 watt PAR LED bulbs. The LEDs are approximately 80% more efficient than the bulbs that they replace, Lighting Science said, and have approximately 50% more lumens (light output) than competing products on the market.

By switching to the LEDs, each upgraded Villa store will see a significant reduction in energy usage, in addition to saving money on maintenance and cooling costs, as the company's bulbs have an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours and emit only trace amounts of heat unlike the halogen bulbs they replace.

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