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Lamps Plus illuminates view of customer at checkout

Specialty lighting retailer delivers omnichannel customer experience at POS.

Lamps Plus is deploying the POS solution from ERP technology vendor Manhattan Associates to provide personalized omnichannel services at checkout. The retailer, which already leverages Manhattan Associates solutions for order management, store inventory and fulfillment, warehouse management, labor management and slotting, wanted to add customer-centric capabilities at the point of sale.

These include obtaining a single, cloud-based view of customer interactions and transactions at the point of sale. The POS system is directly linked to omnichannel solutions that manage selling, customer engagement, and store inventory and fulfillment processes. The new software also allows Lamps Plus to choose from numerous hardware manufacturers, form factors and operating systems.

Because it is cloud-native and built on a microservices architecture, the solution always provides a current omnichannel view of the customer and is continuously adaptive. In addition, critical POS functions are always available, even if the network connection is disrupted.

“We switched to Manhattan’s POS because of the company’s outstanding solutions, modern architecture and comprehensive vision,” said Clark Linstone, CFO for Lamps Plus. “Manhattan Point of Sale provides our store associates with a holistic and comprehensive view of the customer so they can anticipate and quickly respond to any need.”

Lamps Plus has implemented the Manhattan Associates POS solution in its Chatsworth, Calif. flagship store, and plans a chainwide rollout across all 36 stores later this year.
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