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Kohl’s is People’s Pick in new poll by Harris Interactive


New York City -- Kohl's is the recipient of the People’s Pick award in The Harris Poll Customer Relationship Series, conducted by Harris Interactive. The award cognizes the strength of consumers' bonds with mid-tier department stores and reflects the customers' connections and future intentions.

The poll measure the strength of a brands relationship with their customers based on scores in three key dimensions: emotional affinity, rational performance and behavioral intentions. Kohl’s edged J.C. Penney on two of three customer relationship metrics – emotional and behavioral – while sharing the lead with J.C. Penney on the rational dimension.

"While neck and neck with J.C. Penney on several metrics, what really stands in Kohl's favor is the customer's perception of the unique benefits offered by the department store, as well as their advocacy for Kohl's as demonstrated in their likelihood to continue to shop at and recommend the department store to friends, family and colleagues," stated Mike Chadsey, senior consultant for Harris Interactive's customer relationship consulting team.

For example, Chadsey noted, a particular competitive advantage is Kohl's performance on providing unique benefits (5.4), scoring significantly higher than other mid tier retailers (J.C. Penney (5.1), Dillard's (4.9), Sears (4.9) and Macy's (4.8).

“Kohl's has earned the desired behaviors that retailers seek in a long term customer relationship,” he said. “The challenge will be to find ways to maintain and leverage that level of engagement while striving to improve store profitability."

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