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Home Depot makes more environmental improvements


The pursuit of sustainability goals at Home Depot has been such a boon to efficiency the company just set major new goals.

The retailer said by 2020 it plans to reduce total energy use by an additional 20% below 2010 consumption levels and procure 135 megawatts of electricity from a combination of onsite fuel cell and solar installs in addition to offsite solar and wind sources.

The new goals were announced in conjunction with the release of the company’s 2015 Sustainability Report, which detailed progress against previously established goals and areas of opportunity for future improvement.

Home Depot said that it reduced its supply chain carbon emissions by 35% over 2008 levels and significantly surpassed a goal of a 20% reduction it originally set in 2010. The 35% reduction is the equivalent to removing 200 million miles of transported product from highways, according to the company. It also reported that its network of nearly 2,300 stores reduced energy use by 30% compared to 2004 levels, exceeding the 20% reduction goal set in 2010, to yield a savings of more than eight billion kilowatts over 10 years.

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