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Global online shoppers prefer expedited shipping over standard

Expedited shopping is the clear favorite of global e-commerce shoppers as the holidays draw closer.

That’s according to date from cross-border commerce company eShop World, which found that 67% of global e-commerce shoppers are choosing expedited shipping over standard as the holidays near. In many European countries, including the U.K., Italy and Poland, more than 85% of shoppers are already opting for fast shipping this holiday. The company also found that cross-border e-commerce sales tapered off following Black Friday’s record high weekend in markets across the globe.

“Consumers around the world are choosing express shipping to get their deliveries early, as many are not yet as comfortable with international shipping timing as they are in their home markets,” said Cynthia Hollen, president, eShopWorld U.S. “In addition, many retailers are now discounting the price of international express shipping from $25 or more to $15 or less, making the decision to speed up holiday orders even easier.”

Hollen noted that while global e-commerce sales tapered off in the days following Cyber Monday, many more shoppers choose to pay for fast shipping as the week went to ensure their holiday gifts arrive in plenty of time.

Shoppers in countries around the world exhibited buying behavior similar to their U.S. peers over the Black Friday weekend, with global e-commerce sales spiking on Black Friday in many countries and then again, although to a lesser degree, on Cyber Monday. The trend was similar to buying patterns seen over the same week in 2017. E-commerce orders in the U.K., Australia, Canada, Germany and the Russian Federation reverted to pre-holiday levels on the Tuesday following Cyber Monday and remained relatively consistent for the rest of that week through Dec. 2.

Where global shoppers are diverging from US shoppers is in their decision to select, and pay for, expedited shipping services. With retailers selling across borders setting holiday order deadlines as early as December 15, more international shoppers are selecting express shipping than standard shipping. This trend began on the Wednesday following Cyber Monday and continued to strengthen through Dec. 2.
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