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Giant Eagle organizes store operations nest


A new approach to managing the store is taking flight at grocery chain Giant Eagle.

Giant Eagle has many applications that make up its store technology ecosystem including reporting, POS, supply chain, and workforce management. The retailer wanted to implement a new framework to bring all of its store systems together, prioritize alerts in response to changing conditions, and provide a single store operations dashboard. Giant Eagle is utilizing several solutions from Reflexis to bring disparate store activities together.

To provide a unified view of all store operations, a dashboard called Reflexis myWork interfaces with store systems to make it easier for managers and associates to view prioritized tasks and alerts and update information coming from multiple sources. The single, role-based dashboard can be used across mobile devices and PCs.

In addition, Giant Eagle is leveraging the Reflexis StorePulse real-time store execution platform to aggregate store data into one stream of actionable information. The system also provides real-time instructions for how to respond to surprise situations such as late truck arrivals, recalls and weather, as well as customer reviews — either good or bad — posted online.

Other Reflexis tools Giant Eagle is using in its stores include Task Manager, which helps plan and communicate corporate tasks such as product launches; StoreWalk, which helps automate task creation and follow-up; and advanced analytics and reporting technology.

“In general, store team members in all types of retail categories access 15, 20, 30 different systems over the course of a day just to do their job,” said Chris Kelly, senior director, operations planning and engineering for Giant Eagle. “That’s a challenge that retailers across the industry in all verticals face now. There is a wealth of information available to them. But how do you consolidate it and take action on the most important information?”

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