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Fairway Market installs hearing loop to help deaf customers


New York -- Fairway Group Holdings Corp., parent company of Fairway Market, is the first supermarket in New York City to install technology to help customers who are deaf place their shopping orders.

The company said it has installed a hearing loop at its Broadway store's deli counter which works with an individual's telecoil-equipped hearing instrument or cochlear implant.

The person behind the deli counter will speak into a microphone that is connected to the hearing loop, which transmits the signal (speech) wirelessly to the T coil. The system blocks out ambient background noise and amplifies the clerk's voice, making everything clearer.

"We are very pleased to incorporate this new technology into our flagship store," said Herb Ruetsch, CEO, Fairway Market. "The deli can be a very noisy environment, and our customers living with hearing loss will greatly benefit from the hearing loop and enjoy a much better shopping experience."

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