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Exclusive Video: Von Maur’s Jim von Maur talks strategy with Chain Store Age


Davenport, Iowa -- Some retailers just keep growing, despite economic headwinds, fickle customers and competitive pressures. The family-operated, 140-year-old Von Maur department store company, based in Davenport, Iowa, is one of those retailers. In an exclusive video interview, Chain Store Age senior editor Katherine Boccaccio spoke with Jim von Maur, president, about the chain’s strategy and how it keeps growing in an uncertain economy.

“At Von Maur, we stick to our core principles, which is great service, great merchandise, and clean facilities that are well managed,” von Maur said. “Whether the economy is strong or is in a recession, customers are going to respond to that.”

The company’s growth is supported and enhanced by a robust distribution arm that continues to add more space and workers, optimized on-site retail operations supported by an Oracle system in place since 2011, strong service initiatives and, more recently, an explosive e-commerce business.

Success both online and in the brick-and-mortar stores makes von Maur optimistic about what lies ahead.

“The future for Von Maur is very bright, mainly because we have a great team and we are very good at what we do,” von Maur said.

For the exclusive video interview with von Maur, and a behind the scenes look at the company’s DC operations, click here.

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