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Employment-Labor Law Audit released


Potomac, Md. Laurdan Associates recently announced the release of the ninth edition of the Employment-Labor Law Audit, an human-resources auditing and employment practices risk-assessment tool.

The audit is designed to diagnose and assess strengths and weaknesses of human-resources management and employment practices, risk management activities within organizations, as well as benchmarking best practices and prescribing corrective measures.

The ninth edition of ELLA, which now covers 27 employment practices areas, adds new audit questions on wage and hour issues (including the Lilly Ledbetter Act), the ADA (including the ADA Amendments Act), Immigration (including E-Verify), leaves of absence (including the new FMLA regulations), COBRA and HIPAA, and human capital management. This new edition also adds a new Profile on Diversity and updates and expands the assessment of strategic and organizational alignment, risk management, internal controls and human-resources metrics.

“With governmental agencies increasing their inspection and oversight of employment practices, there is an increasing interest and sense of urgency in human-resources audits as organizations seek to enhance the value of their human capital while reducing their exposure to employment-related liabilities,” said Ronald Adler, president and CEO of Laurdan Associates.

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