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EBay updates seller standards, returns policy


San Jose, Calif. – EBay is making updates to its seller performance standards and returns policy designed to promote and safeguard top-level sellers and also ease returns.

Starting with the Aug. 20 evaluation, a single new measure, the transaction defect rate, will replace the four individual detailed seller rating requirements for evaluating seller performance. The defect rate is the percentage of a seller’s transactions with one or more of the specific defects most predictive of buyers leaving eBay or spending less. A maximum 5% defect rate will be required for all sellers and a maximum 2% required to be a Top Rated Seller.

If sellers maintain a low defect rate, they will be rewarded with an enhanced position in Best Match search results. In general, the lower a seller’s defect rate, the better their position in Best Match.

Updates to eBay returns include a new message to buyers on the item page. A new holiday returns option will extend returns to Jan. 31 on all purchases from Nov. 1 through Dec. 31. The new option will be available to all sellers to add to their listings starting in September 2014. It will be required for listings to earn Top Rated Plus benefits. In addition, category and item-specific updates will help ensure buyers can browse and search quickly and easily.

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