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E-retailer offers fulfillment services


Newegg is adding supply chain support to its portfolio.

The electronics-focused e-retailer launched Newegg Logistics, the company’s branded logistics solution designed to help e-commerce sellers streamline order fulfillment, shipment and returns. Based on the many years it spent refining its own e-commerce logistics operations, Newegg’s service will help other businesses break into online sales.

Among the services the logistics service provides includes forward logistics that warehouses merchandise, and prepares them for shipment; transportation management, and value-added services, such as insertion of promotional materials, pre-shipment assembly and secondary product inspection. The company also provides reverse logistics to streamline returns, manage return shipping, and handle post-return inspection and resolution, either by disposing the product, or returning it to a pool of open-box stock for resale.

Clients also have real-time access to supply chain information, such as inventory levels and in-process order data. Since the service also features customizable and scalable solutions, Newegg will service business-to-consumer, as well as business-to-business customers.

“Newegg Logistics is the aggregation of logistical best practices honed since the company’s inception in 2001. We’re now putting our expertise to work for companies that want to outsource this challenging aspect of running an e-commerce organization,” said Kunal Thakkar, Newegg’s senior VP of global operations. “This lets our clients focus on their core business, knowing the logistics have been handled.”

The company’s network of warehouse facilities, which is located strategi-cally across North America, makes it possible to reach 92% of customers in the United States and Canada within two days. Nearly all orders are processed within 24 hours of receipt.
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