Delivery robots to invade this country

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Delivery robots to invade this country


Sidewalk delivery robots are revving their engines for their July 1 debut in Virginia and Idaho, but there is an even bigger launch planned.

The delivery bots will soon be commonplace across the country of Estonia. Based on a vote of 86 to 0 in the country's parliament last week, Estonia is the first country in Europe that allows these food-carrying robots to roam sidewalks, according to Engadget.

Similar to the rules already imparted for the limited tests about to launch here in the United States, Estonia has set guidelines for the coolers-turned-delivery vehicles. The devices cannot be taller than one meter, longer than 1.2 meters, or weigh more than 50 kilograms. The front and sides of the machine must also be white, with prominent, red rear reflectors and lights for evening visibility, according to the report.

To date, the six-wheeled robots from Starship Technologies already seem to fit the criteria. However, units from other competitors, such as Dispatch and Marble, could soon be claiming their own share of the same sidewalks, Engadget reported.

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